The Demand for Managed VoIP is on the Rise

There's a good chance your clients want a managed VoIP solution and would prefer to have all their services through a single provider.

Managed VoIP

How do you offer VoIP in your business? Do you have or partner with a call center? Do you sell VoIP packages such as phones and other hardware, mobile VoIP bundles, or other offerings?

  • What do you see as the primary value a managed VoIP solution offers your clients?
  • What are other benefits?
  • How can a hosted VoIP solution benefit remote teams?
  • What mistakes do integrators or VARs make with hosted VoIP and how can they avoid them?
  • What your opinion on the future demand for managed VoIP?

3rd Element added VoIP a few years ago as an added service to our MSP offering. Many of our clients want all their technology provided by one partner that they trust. We opted to use a VoIP solution through a channel partner who could handle everything from onboarding to issues. We opted for a partner that could use different manufacturers of phones so clients never felt locked into a proprietary system. There are any number of mobile VoIP solutions out there; we opted for a mix of software client, call forwarding and the ability to use wireless VoIP phones. It came down to client needs and being able to provide the best solution for each situation.

The primary value of managed VoIP for our clients is the partnership we have with them.  They want a solution from someone who will stand behind it and be available when they call. Even if we submit a ticket on the client’s behalf, the client wants us to be their point of contact. Our clients call us regardless of where the problem may be, so this way we stay in control of the whole process and can maintain that high trust with the client.

Other benefits to having VoIP as part of your offering are a tighter relationship with the client, additional revenue stream, and depending on the partner you choose, it may be a reciprocal relationship where you feed each other business. It also provides one more piece of the puzzle for the client when it comes to being able to offer all the services they need.

Remote teams can easily benefit from the right VoIP solution. During the pandemic we were able to tell our clients to simply take their phones home and plug them in. They all went right back to work as though they were at their office. Other benefits include callers not knowing that the team member is working remotely allowing an employer to save on physical office space, and having the ability to easily keep teams in contact with one another. Plus, a VoIP solution can lower the cost from a traditional phone line.

Mistakes can easily be made with VoIP if you don’t understand functionality.

  1. Know where the limitations are for the system you have chosen, especially if it’s proprietary.
  2. Be sure you onboard correctly. You don’t know what you don’t know, so if your hosted VoIP partner isn’t very good at onboarding, things will get missed and the client won’t have the functionality of the system they paid for.
  3. Take the time up front to understand the environment and the requirements of the system you are installing to be sure to provide a solid solution.

The demand for managed VoIP will only go up from here. Traditional phone lines are becoming obsolete, and so are traditional phone systems. Having a well-managed, well supported system with a channel partner will give you an edge over your competition. Most clients like having all their services through one provider, so when they have an issue, they make a call to a trusted partner.

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