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Everyone Needs Firewall Management

Security solution providers have the opportunity to upsell current clients and initiate new business by addressing this widespread need.

Why Firewall Misconfigurations Are Putting Your Clients At Risk

These oversights can lead to three serious outcomes for your clients.

Firewall Management Best Practices for MSPs

There's an art to firewall management that includes restricting network traffic while enabling businesses to communicate freely with their partners.

Firewall Management 101: Striking the Right Balance

It’s more than what gets through the firewall and what doesn’t — you need to find a balance with usability, visibility, and labor hours that both you and your clients can live with.

4 Mistakes MSPs Make with Firewall Management

Common pitfalls include poor communication, failing to have clients accept risks, not researching the impact changes can have, and not finding smart ways to deal with the volume of audit log data.

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