Network Security

Endpoint Security

Use this Antivirus Feature Checklist to Find the Right Solution for Your Clients

Explore our list of antivirus software solutions that can help you strengthen your clients’ security posture and grow your business.
Security Compliance

How to Avoid Getting Caught in the Statistical Compliance Testing Trap

Using highly manual security assessment processes—and legacy tools—makes it much more likely that you’re going to overlook the hidden parts of your customers’ attack surface.
Data Breach

One Bargain Away from a Breach

Why MSPs cannot afford to gamble on security with penny-pinching clients.
Cybersecurity Role

What the U.S. Government Sees as the MSP’s Cybersecurity Role

As a government contractor, your responsibilities for cybersecurity and incident response are expanding by Executive Order.
Retail Shopping Security

7 Things MSPs Should Do Right Now to Protect Their Retail Clients

As stores reopen, merchants need real solutions to growing cybersecurity threats.
Security Services

Going from MSP to MSSP: 3 Security and Compliance Services to Offer

Help your customers and capitalize on this mounting business opportunity by adding security services to your MSP portfolio.

Barracuda Research Reveals How Email Attacks are Evolving and Who is Being Targeted the...

New report shows that all employees, not just top executives, need to be prepared for spear-phishing attacks.
Ransomware Attack

Providing Security as a Service in the Wake of a High-Profile Ransomware Attack

The Kaseya VSA attack is raising questions among business owners—be straightforward and transparent when you provide the answers.

How the Kaseya VSA Attack Impacted the Entire MSP Community

Whether recovering from the attack or asking “what if,” you should be looking at your business a little differently now.
antivirus solutions

How to Provide Effective Antivirus Solutions in Today’s Work Environment

Remote work, new hybrid work environments, and personal devices connecting to the network are creating new challenges for MSPs.
Colonial Pipeline Attack

Colonial Pipeline Breach: No Industry is Immune to Cybersecurity Attacks

We are living in a data-driven economy that is unlike any before, and issues like data governance and cybersecurity can no longer take a backseat.
Barracuda MSP logo

Barracuda Delivers Strong Growth in Cloud Email Security

Acceleration of cloud email demand for comprehensive email protection drives increased adoption.
Demon Malware

Here are the Malware Campaigns Infoblox Tracked in Q1 2021

Emotet, Trickbot, and Buer — named after a demon — were among the top threats.

Ep. 11: The WFH Trend Confirms the Need for Zero-Trust Security

MSPs have less control over remote work environments, including the routers, Wi-Fi and devices that end users are leveraging to connect to their data and applications.
vaccine-related cyberthreats

Inoculate Your Customers Against Vaccine-Themed Phishing Attacks

Vaccine-related phishing scams are on the rise; here are some tips to help protect yourself and your clients.

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