Business Predictions

Need to Set a Course for Business Success? Follow the Money

More than 50% of businesses are focused on operating model transformation, creating unprecedented opportunity for solution providers.
quote management

You’ll Want Quote Management When Pent-Up Demand is Unleashed

Configuring your quote management tool now and building templates can give you an edge when the volume of quotes you generate increases.
coronavirus covid-19 phishing attack

Threat Spotlight: Coronavirus-Related Phishing

Attackers are taking advantage of the widespread discussion of COVID-19 to prey on unsuspecting email users.
SOC as a service providers

How SOC as a Service Providers Can Protect Networks with Remote Workers

Your customers need your knowledge and expertise to help secure workers who suddenly must work from home.

3 Ways Malware Can Hurt Your Customers’ Businesses

Half of small businesses will suffer malware attacks, most aren't prepared, and here’s what’s at stake.

What’s Driving Managed Print Adoption?

Don’t miss opportunities to sell deeper and build stickier relationships than with printer sales alone.

IT by Design Pushes Build IT 2020 To Q3

MSP education event rescheduled in support of U.S. efforts to contain outbreak
Pax8 Logo

Pax8 Announces Wingman2020 To Be Hosted Virtually

By moving the event to a virtual experience, the company can still offer certification and skill training opportunities from Microsoft and other key vendor partners.
2020 cybersecurity trends

Five Cybersecurity Trends for 2020

As organizations struggle to fill their security teams, many will turn to managed services providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs) to help assess risk and strengthen their security profile.
Remote Monitoring and Management

How to Standardize Processes and Offerings Using an RMM Tool

Establishing definitive elements of solutions and repeatable processes can significantly improve MSP efficiency and result in healthy ROI.
Axcient logo

Axcient Taking Proactive Action to Enable MSPs to Transition Businesses to a Remote Workforce

The vendor is offering free Anchor licenses for up to three months.
Trustifi Logo

Trustifi Offering No-Cost Email Encryption Licenses to Safeguard Data for the Influx of Remote...

As companies require employees to work from home to combat the spread of COVID-19, Trustifi offers 90-day trial subscriptions to protect their email—at no cost.
ConnectWise logo

ConnectWise Strengthening its Security Posture

The company emphasizes “shift left” in software development cycle, independent third-party testing and commitment to transparency.
business continuity

The Importance of a Business Continuity Plan in a Coronavirus World

It will never be easier to convince your clients they need a business continuity plan than in the wake of 2020’s coronavirus and natural disasters.

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