Paul Vallée

Paul Vallée is a CIGI senior fellow and the founder and CEO of Tehama. Paul is a serial entrepreneur who has spent his career at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that enable the exchange of work over the internet. In 1997, he founded Pythian, a data-centric services business with a focus on remote work. Under his leadership, the company developed ground-breaking tools that enable remote teams to work and interact seamlessly and securely across multiple continents. Tehama was born at Pythian, launched to the public in 2018 and, due to rapid adoption of the platform, spun out to become fully independent in 2019. Paul is active in the Council of Canadian Innovators and the CIO Strategy Council and serves on the board of the Basic Income Canada Network. In 2016, he was named Diversity Champion of the Year by Women in Technology and Communications.

Colonial Pipeline Breach: No Industry is Immune to Cybersecurity Attacks

We are living in a data-driven economy that is unlike any before, and issues like data governance and cybersecurity can no longer take a backseat.