Mike Majewski, CEO of SEH Technology

Mike Majewski is the CEO at SEH Technology. He opened the SEH U.S. sales office in Phoenixville, PA, in 2002. Three years later, Mike became CEO of newly founded SEH Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of the German vendor SEH, a specialist in network printing solutions for more than 20 years. Mike also established the U.S. sales channel and subsequently managed all sales, distribution, and marketing activities for North America. Today, Mike is still responsible for all ongoing sales and marketing processes and technical relations with SEH’s OEM partners. To contact Mike, visit https://www.seh-technology.com/us/ or via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikemajewski

EdTech Security Challenges to Overcome in 2024

When schools have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in place, they can confidently take advantage of new technologies for in-person and remote education.