Matt Frank

Matthew Frank, a Denver resident and avid music enthusiast, has one goal in mind: to empower organizations with apps that delight and, simply put, ‘just work.’ After years working for nonprofits and in higher education, Matthew became frustrated with the many disconnected legacy services that dominated those industries and fell backward into the world of SaaS technology. This led him to the Salesforce ecosystem, where he has worked for multiple award-winning ISV partners that focused on nonprofits, NGOs, associations, and higher ed. After working in the US ecosystem, Matthew moved to the UK, where he continued to work in service to NGOs & EDUs in EMEA and ANZ before returning to the US in 2020. He is currently with, an award-winning partner that has seen exponential growth and success since its founding in 2015.

8 Must-Have SaaS Tools to Bundle

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