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Bernadette Wilson, an XaaS Journal contributor, has 19 years of experience as a journalist, writer, editor, and B2B marketer.

Will Digital Policing Become Routine in the Future?

Government VARs and MSPs are uniquely positioned to provide your clients with solutions to changing law enforcement operations.

6 Resources to Help You Sell to the Government Vertical

The opportunity and resources are available to help you expand your business to provide solutions and services to government agencies.

What the U.S. Government Sees as the MSP’s Cybersecurity Role

As a government contractor, your responsibilities for cybersecurity and incident response are expanding by Executive Order.

Capitalize on the Growing Video Surveillance as a Service Opportunity

After a brief decline, the market is booming again, driven by societal changes and advancing technology.

Provide Surveillance as a Service to Restaurants

Consider – then capitalize on – unique use cases for video surveillance in this industry.

Answer These 7 Questions Before You Commit to a VSaaS Solution

It’s crucial to understand how VSaaS solutions can differ, the vendor’s role in maintenance and support, and your business’ readiness to sell Video Surveillance as a Service.

How Business Continuity Strategies Changed in the Past Two Years

Before the pandemic, companies predicted what they’d need to keep operations moving during a long-term disruption. Now they know.

Why Remote Desktop Services Should Be a Part of Your Clients’...

Remote desktop services can enable an organization to keep their businesses running in a crisis without missing a beat.

You’ve Been Answering the Question “What is a Business Continuity Plan?”...

Businesses need more than technology or a binder filled with checklists to turn to in the event of a disaster – they need a trusted advisor to guide them.

5 Loyalty Program Software Mistakes to Avoid

The effort it takes to find software that’s the best fit will pay off for your client and your business.

Should You Sell POS with Loyalty Built-In or as a Standalone...

Offer your clients options that allow them to optimize their loyalty rewards programs – not settle for features that limit their competitiveness.

8 Essential Customer Engagement Software Features

Trusted business advisors will help their clients implement customer engagement software with the right features to have these advantages.

Why Healthcare Organizations Need Email Security to Keep PHI Safe

Your clients need comprehensive security solutions, including measures that address a common vulnerability – people.

Email Security for Work-from-Home Employees is a Must-Have

This solution is an essential part of virtually every security strategy, but for remote employees, it’s a crucial line of defense.

What’s Driving Managed Print Adoption?

Don’t miss opportunities to sell deeper and build stickier relationships than with printer sales alone.

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